1Best way to contact the ASC / Clubhouse?
Please email msascchairperson@outlook.com to get in touch with the Architectural Standards Committee. For a list of relevant ASC/homeowner documents, visit our Documents page.

The Clubhouse phone number is 252-453-4945 & email: msclubhouse88@gmail.com
2What's the non-emergency number for the Currituck County Sheriff?
For non-emergency issues, the Currituck County Sheriff can be reached at 252-232-2216
3Is street parking allowed? Where do I get a beach parking permit?
Parking on the street is prohibited in Currituck County, except in designated areas. For information about driving and parking on the 4x4 beach section, please call Currituck County at 252-435-2947
4Do I need a fishing license?
A Coastal Recreational Fishing License is required for anglers 16 and older who want to fish in North Carolina’s coastal waters. Further questions should be directed to ncwildlife.org or call 1-888-248-6834

See You Soon!

925 S Harbor View
Corolla, NC

Call: 252-453-4945
Clubhouse: msclubhouse88@gmail.com
ASC: msascchairperson@outlook.com

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Board of Directors

Bob Scott, President/Co-Treasurer

Ted Case, Co-Treasurer

Valerie Flannery, Secretary

Michael LaRuffa

Larry Westphal