Frequently Asked Questions

1What are the Clubhouse hours?
  • The pool and clubhouse are open 9am-6pm, the Saturday prior to Memorial Day through the Sunday after Labor Day 7 days a week.
  • Seasonal hours after Labor Day vary. Check the home page, Email or call 252-453-4945.
2What do I do with my trash cans if I'm leaving before it's picked up?
Pickup is Wednesday and Saturday mornings May 1st -Oct 1st and Wednesdays only off-season. Owners are responsible for ensuring trash cans are rolled back after pick-up each trash day.

  • After October 1st, trash is picked up on Wednesdays only.
  • Have your dumpster(s) at the curb by 7AM.
  • Inclement weather and major holidays may delay pick-up by one day.
  • Please be courteous and do not leave full cans for the next guests.
  • Bay Disposal will not pick up any garbage or recycling that is not placed into the containers.
  • Bay Disposal # is 252-491-5105
3 Do you rent bikes and kayaks?
We are not renting or selling any items. No food or beverages are available on site. There are many rental companies in Corolla that will deliver / pick up to your guest house.
4Where do I get a beach parking permit for the four wheel drive beach?
For information about driving and parking on the 4x4 beach section, call Currituck County at 252-435-2947.
5 Where can I park my camper, trailer, golf cart or boat?
You will need to arrange for off-site parking of these vehicles if they can’t be parked in the driveway at your home. The “common area parking” at the Clubhouse, Marsh Landing pier and Drifting Sands may be used for “DAY USE ONLY” and are subject to towing at owners expense, if left overnight.
6What type of watercraft can I launch from your private community boat launch?
Our community boat launch, located across from the Clubhouse, can accommodate skiffs, kayaks, jet skis, canoes, and similar sized boats. The boat launch can be accessed after signing up for a funfangle account and obtaining a code to access the ramp lock:

The ramp must be locked if not actively using it for launching or recovering your boat / vessel. Please use the long parking spots next to the boat ramp for vehicle/ trailer parking. This is “DAY USE ONLY” and is subject to towing if left overnight. Email with questions or to make arrangements.
7Is there additional parking available within the community?
Houses in Monteray Shores typically provide one parking space for each bedroom plus one extra which is usually the allowed number of guests at each. If you have visitors or an extra car, there is day parking available at the Clubhouse and at two small lots on Drifting Sands Drive.

Overnight parking requires a permit from the clubhouse office. Email with questions or to make arrangements.

Cars parked without a permit and any cars parked on the street or in neighbors‘ property are subject to towing.
8Can you help me with a rental house in Monteray Shores?
Sorry, no. We are a Homeowner’s Association. Our task is to administer and maintain the common areas and amenities and promote an overall community standard. We extend homeowner privileges to individual owners’ rental guests if the owner is in good standing with the HOA. We are not involved with individual homes.

If you are looking to rent in Monteray Shores or have a question or problem with a current rental, you will need to contact the listing agency for assistance.
9Can I receive mail at the rental address?
The Corolla post office does not deliver mail to individual houses. Large parcels will be delivered to houses by USPS, FedEx, and UPS. If you order from Amazon, for example, and it is a small parcel that would fit in a mailbox, it will not be delivered to the house.

You can have mail sent to General Delivery and pick it up at the post office. If you will be here for several weeks, you can rent a post office box for a small fee.

The Corolla post office is open Monday through Friday from 9:30 AM to 12:00 noon, and 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM; Saturday from 10:00 AM till 12:00 noon. They are closed on Sundays. Contact them at 252-453-2552.
10Are golf carts permitted?
Yes, street legal golf carts (and similar vehicles) are permitted in Monteray Shores and allowed in “common area parking lots” located at the Clubhouse parking lot and the two small parking lots at the Marsh Landing pier and Drifting Sands.

These common lots are for “DAY USE ONLY” parking and vehicles are subject to towing if left overnight, at owners’ expense. Please park your golf carts at your home, under carports, in garages or driveways. Please do NOT allow golf carts to be driven by non-licensed drivers.
11Non-emergency phone number?
The Currituck County Sheriff can be reached at 252-232-2216.